(Affiliated To University of Calicut)  |   Run by Baithu Shariqa AI Khairi Trust


For smooth functioning of the college and for the benefit and progress of the students and parents they are directed to abide the following rules and regulations strictly.

1 All students should come to the college during working days with proper uniform and ID card and report for the class in time. Low waist pant, T-Shirt, tight fitting garments, lungies, jeans pant are not allowed under any occasions.
2 The students should behave in the college with dignity and courtesy with teachers and authorities and among themselves.
3 Late comers will be fined as per rules.
4 They should not leave the campus during working hours without permission and Girl students will be permitted to go during working hours only with the consent of the parents/guardian.
5 Students should desist from the unhealthy practices like forming gangs or groups, smoking, chewing pan, loitering in verandas, disfiguring the walls/furnitures/class rooms, circulating notices/handbills/pamphlet, using crackers/explosives/color powders, riding two wheelers inside the campus, collecting funds, Mass representation to higher authorities etc.
6 The students should not destroy or damage the movable and immovable properties of the college.
7 The students are not permitted to entertain the outsiders inside the campus.
8 The parents should see that their wards are reaching home in time and coming to the college in time.
9 The parents should check the SMS sent to them from the college without fail and follow accordingly.
10 Parents can visit the college at any time during working days and enquire about the progress of their wards with the tutors and HOD's.
11 Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus. They can use landline from the office on emergency and parents can contact their wards during working hours through landline on emergency.
12 Students should not involve in any activity which will affect the normal functioning of the college.
13 No student should involve in any kind of deeds which comes under ragging. If found or reported severe action will be taken against them as per rules. Parents should be careful about this and their pieces of advice will not be considered in this regard. Ragging is a serious offence.
14 For extra curricular activities the students should get prior written permission.
15 All the applications of the students should be routed through the tutors only.
16 The Principal or the authorised person will have the right to cancel or deny any extra curricular activity/Programme in the college if such circumstances warrant.
17 As per court order and University Order Management has prohibited political activities inside the campus which is approved by PTA also.
18 Students are to attend all the classes - regular and special, should have 75% of attendance, good academic performance for writing the University Exam.
19 Strict discipline should be maintained in classroom.
20 Academic curriculam should be followed by all students as per the direction of the teachers or authorities.
21 Semester Fee and allied fee if any should be paid within 15 working days from the commencement of the semester except I semester which is to be paid while taking admission.
22 University Exam fees should be paid within the date notified by the University or authorities.
23 Late coming - Rs.100/- from the third time onwards
24 Mobile phone caught for first time - Rs. 500/-
25 Mobile phone caught for second time - Mobile phone will not be returned (SIM will be returned)
26 Non-Uniform - Rs. 50/-
27 Semester Fees remittance delay - Rs. 100/- after fifteen working days
28 Loss of ID card - Rs. 50/-
29 Delay in paying bus fees of girls - will not be permitted to use the bus
30 If the semester fee is not paid in time, they will not be permitted to sit in the class until they remit the fees.
On week days- FN SESSION 09:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m
AN SESSION 01:30 p.m - 03.30 p.m
On Fridays- FN SESSION 09:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m
AN SESSION 02:00 p.m - 03:30 p.m

N.B : Change and amendment in the rules, if any, (of the government/University/Management) will be informed in due course.