(Affiliated To University of Calicut)  |   Run by Baithu Shariqa AI Khairi Trust


2023 June 1/6/23 Reopening of a New Academic Year, Syllabus Allocation, Departmental Meeting, Beginning of 5th Sem, Continuation of Second Sem
June 5/6/2023 Environmental Day
June 19/6/2023 Reading Day Programmes
June 30/6/2023 Project Analysis of the Students
2023 July 7/7/2023 Departmental Meetings, Internal Exams of Second Sem
July 12/7/2023 Malala Day Celebrations
July 16/7/2023 Model Examination of Second Sem
2023 August 3/8/2023 Third Sem Starts
August 4/8/2023 Departmental Meeting
August 15/8/2023 Independence Day
August 7/8/2023 Fifth Sem Internal Exams
August 25/8/2023 Onam Vacation Project Analysis
2023 September 4/9/2023 Beginning of First Sem, Departmental Meeting
September 7/9/2023 Third Sem Internal Exams
September 18/9/2023 Model Exams for Fifth Sem
September 25/9/2023 Third Sem Internal
September 28/9/2023 Fifth Sem Model Exam
September 29/9/2023 Remedial Teaching for Fifth Sem Project Analysis
2023 October 6/10/2023 Departmental Meeting
October 23/10/2023 Pooja Holidays
October 30/10/2023 Project Analysis
November 1/11/2023 Sixth Sem Starts, Fifth Sem University Exam Starts
2023 November 3/11/2023 Beginning of Sixth Sem, Departmental Meeting, Allocation of Time Table
November 6/11/2023 First Sem Internal
November 17/11/2023 First Sem Internal Exams
November 20/11/2023 Third Sem Model Exam
November 27/11/2023 English Literary Association Project Analysis
November 30/11/2023 Third Sem Ends
2023 December 1/12/2023 Fourth Sem Starts
December 2/12/2023 Departmental Meeting, Remedial Coaching of First Sem
December 5/12/2023 Beginning of Fourth Sem, Model Exam of First Sem
December 20/12/2023 X-Mas Vacation, Departmental Tour
December 29/12/2023 Reopening After X-Mas Vacation, Project Analysis, Remedial Coaching of First Sem
2024 January 1/01/2024 FDP Discussions and Enrollment, First Sem Ends
January 3/1/2024 Second Sem Starts
January 4/01/2024 Second Sem Begins
January 8/01/2024 Internal Exams of Sixth Sem
January 22/1/2024 Workshop English Department
January 30/1/2024 Project Analysis
2024 February 2/02/2024 Departmental Meeting
February 12/2/2024 Fourth Sem Internal
February 19/02/2024 Internal Exams for Second Sem
February 26/02/2024 Model Exams for Sixth Sem
2024 March 1/3/2024 Departmental Meeting, Date for Internal Mock Viv Discussion
March 11/3/2024 Remedial Coaching for Sixth Sem
March 18/3/2024 Model Exams for Fourth Sem
March 25/03/2024 Model Exam for Second Sem
March 29/3/2024 End of the Academic Year 2023-2024