(Affiliated To University of Calicut)  |   Run by Baithu Shariqa AI Khairi Trust


2023 June 1.6.2023 College Re-Opening, V Sem Starts. II Sem Continues, HOD meeting, Department meeting
June 5.6.2023 World Environment Day Observance
June 6.6.2023 V Sem Lab Starts
June 21.6.2023 International Yoga Day Observance
2023 July 3.7.2023 Unit test for V sem
July 21.7.2023 International Moon Day Observance
2023 August 1.8.2023 I sem start (2023 admn), V sem internal starts
August 3.8.2023 III Sem start (2022 admn)
August 6.8.2023 Hiroshima Day Observance
August 9.8.2023 Nagasaki Day Observance
August 16.8.2023 Class PTA- V Sem
August 25.8.2023 Onam Vacation
2023 September 4.9.2023 Dept. meeting
September 5.9.2023 Teacher's Day
September 18.9.2023 National seminar
September 16.9.2023 Ozone day
September 25.9.2023 III sem internal, I sem Unit Test
September 28.9.2023 V sem Model Exam
2023 October 04.10.2023 World space week observance starts
October 10.10.2023 World space week observance ends
October 16.10.2023 I Internal Practical- V Sem
October 17.10.2023 I Internal Practical- V Sem
October 20.10.2023 Field visit
October 31.10.2023 V Sem ends
2023 November 01.11.2023 VI Sem Starts. Dept Meeting, V sem University exam commencement.
November 02.11.2023 Dept Meeting
November 06.11.2023 I sem internal
November 20.11.2023 III sem model exam
November 23.11.2023 Study Tour for VI sem
November 30.11.2023 III Sem Ends
2023 December 1.12.2023 IV Sem Starts
December 6.12.2023 I Internal Practical- III Sem
December 11.12.2023 Association Day
December 13.12.2023 Model Exam I sem
2023 December 14.12.2023 World Energy Conservation Day (Webinar/Quiz)
December 18.12.2023 University Exam IIISem, Unit test for VI sem
December 22.12.2023 X Mas Vacation
2024 January 1.1.2024 I Sem Ends
January 03.1.2024 II Sem starts
January 08.01.2024 Internal Exam- VI Sem
January 15.1.2024 University Exam - I Sem
January 29.1.2024 Workshop/Exhibition
2024 February 1.2.2024 Dept Meeting
February 12.2.2024 Internal Exam-IV Sem
February 19.2.2024 Model exam VI Sem
February 23.2.2024 Submission Of Final Project report And Certification Of Lab Records
February 26.2.2024 - 28.2.2024 II Internal Practical & Project viva- VI Sem
February 28.2.2024 National Science Day Observance (Quiz/Webinar/Seminar)
2024 March 4.3.2024 University Exam for VI sem
March 15.3.2024 Send Off to Final Year Students
March 18.3.2024 Model Exam for IV Sem
March 20.3.2024 II Internal Practical Exams - IV Sem
2024 March 24.3.2024 World Meteorological Day
March 31.3.2024 IV, VI Sem End. Dept. Meeting Verification of Lab Items. College closes for Summer Vacation.