(Affiliated To University of Calicut)  |   Run by Baithu Shariqa AI Khairi Trust


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam"

We at Mount Seena College of Arts and Science hold this to be the fundamental truth, and it has always been our goal to instil good values in all of our students so that they grow into well-versed individuals who are prepared to face challenges once they leave the college. With the goal of giving our students an exceptional learning experience by preparing them to advance with a good attitude, skill, confidence, sensitivity, and responsibility, we have embarked on an elevating and stimulating journey.

I hope you have a wonderful time studying at MSC and will contribute to the pride and reputation of this prestigious institution. The College has a long history of supporting its students' overall personal development and academic performance. The goal of education is to develop critical thinking skills in students, and this is done by providing them with a top-notch academic environment, cutting-edge facilities, state of-the-art labs, and devoted, highly qualified faculty with decades of classroom and professional experience

The MSC will work to maintain its reputation as an informed learning environment where we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, encourage critical inquiry, promote democratic relationships, and create an empowered community.