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It is my happy privilege to write a message for the website of Mount SeenaCollege of Arts &Science,Akalur, Affiliated to University of Calicut. We live in a world of amazingly fast, instant and high-speed exchange of information and knowledge. What happens in a particular place can be and is often instantly known all over the world. For students of Mount Seena College of Arts & Science too, past and present as well as the many well-wishers of this great and noble institution, the quick and immediate access to the College website can bring their beloved Mount Seena College of Arts & Science closer to their hearts wherever they might be in this beautiful world.

As I was taking a walk on the grounds of our College, I came across several slogans pasted on the notice board outside the Principal's Office. There were several but a few caught my eye and can well be the guiding paths to our students, thousands of them, who have and will be passing through the portals of this great institution. Some of these were "Discipline is a guidance", "Discipline is the defining fire by which talents become ability", "Discipline is a bridge between goals and accomplishments" and a humorous one "Discipline is like spinach, we may not care for it ourselves but feel sure it would be good for everybody else".