Akalur P O, Old Lakkidi Via, Palakkad - 679302

(Run By Baithu Shariqa Al-Khairi Trust)

Affiliated To University Of Calicut

Code of Conduct of Students

1 All students should come to the college during working days with proper uniform and ID card and report for the class in time.
2 The students should behave in the college with dignity and courtesy with teachers and authorities and among themselves.
3 Late comers will be fined as per rules.
4 They should not leave the campus during working hours without permission and Girl students will be permitted to go during working hours only with the consent of the parents/guardian.
5 Students should desist from the unhealthy practices like forming gangs or groups, smoking, chewing pan, loitering in verandas, disfiguring the walls/furnitures/class rooms, circulating notices/handbills/pamphlet, using crackers/explosives/color powders, riding two wheelers inside the campus, collecting funds, Mass representation to higher authorities etc.
6 The students should not destroy or damage the movable and immovable properties of the college.
7 The students are not permitted to entertain the outsiders inside the campus.
8 Students should not involve in any activity which will affect the normal functioning of the college.
9 No student should involve in any kind of deeds which comes under ragging. If found or reported severe action will be taken against them as per rules. Parents should be careful about this and their pieces of advice will not be considered in this regard. Ragging is a serious offence.
10 Students are to attend all the classes - regular and special, should have 75% of attendance, good academic performance for writing the University Exam.
11 Strict discipline should be maintained in classroom.
12 Academic curriculam should be followed by all students as per the direction of the teachers or authorities.
13 Semester Fee and allied fee if any should be paid within 15 working days from the commencement of the semester except I semester which is to be paid while taking admission.
14 University Exam fees should be paid within the date notified by the University or authorities.
External Examination
15 There shall be University examinations at the end of each semester.
16 Practical examinations shall be conducted by the University as prescribed by the Board of Studies.
17 External viva-voce, if any, shall be conducted along with the practical examination/project evaluation.
18 Project evaluation shall be conducted at the end of sixth semester. 20% of marks are awarded through internal assessment.
19 Audit course: The students can attain only pass (Grade P) for these courses. At the end of each semester there shall be examination conducted by the college from a pool of questions set by the University.
Internal Examination
20 20% of the total marks in each course are for internal examinations. The marks secured for internal assessment only need to be sent to University by the colleges concerned. The internal assessment shall be based on a predetermined transparent system involving written tests, Class room participation based on attendance in respect of theory courses and lab involvement/records attendance in respect of Practical Courses. Internal assessment of the project will be based on its content, method of presentation, final conclusion and orientation to research aptitude. Components with percentage of marks of Internal Evaluation of Theory Courses are-Test paper 40%, Assignment 20%, Seminar 20% and Class room participation based on attendance 20%. For practical courses - Record 60% and lab involvement 40% as far as internal is concerned. (if a fraction appears in internal marks, nearest whole number is to be taken) For the test paper marks, at least one test paper should be conducted. If more test papers are conducted, the mark of the best one should be taken.
21 A student shall be permitted to appear for the semester examination, only if he/she secures not less than 75% attendance in each semester. Attendance shall be maintained by the Department concerned. Condonation of shortage of attendance to a maximum of 10% in the case of single condonation and 20% in the case of double condonation in a semester shall be granted by University remitting the required fee. Benefits of attendance may be granted to students who attend the approved activities of the college/university with the prior concurrence of the Head of the institution. Participation in such activities may be treated as presence in lieu of their absence on production of participation/attendance certificate (within two weeks) in curricular/extracurricular activities (maximum 9 days in a semester). Students can avail of condonation of shortage of attendance in a maximum of four semesters during the entire programme (Either four single condonations or one double condonation and two single condonations during the entire programme) . If a student fails to get 65% attendance, he/she can move to the next semester only if he/she aquires 50% attendance. In that case, a provisional registration is needed. Such students can appear for supplementary examination for such semesters after the completion of the programme.Less than 50% attendance requires Readmission. Readmission is permitted only once during the entire programme. There will not be any Repeat semester in CBCSS UG 2019
22 If the attendance is less than 50%, the student is ineligible to continue the programme and has to seek readmission. There will not be any Repeat semester in CBCSSUG 2019.
23 There shall be provision for Inter Collegiate and Inter University Transfer in third and fifth semester within a period of two weeks from the date of commencement of the semester. College transfer may be permitted in Second and Fourth semester also without change in complementary course within a period of two weeks from the date of commencement of the semester concerned.